Past Projects

eastern new mexico university logo
  • Eastern New Mexico University
    • Freeze Protection
      Order of Magnitude: $1.6 million
    • HVAC
      Order of Magnitude:$1.9 million

army corps of engineers logo


army corps of engineers logo

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
    • ISOON Telescope Facility
      Order of Magnitude:: $1.5 million
    • Canine Center El Paso Facility
      Order of Magnitude:: $1.4 million
    • Building Repair
      Order of Magnitude: $950,000
    • IRREL
      Order of Magnitude: $1.8 million
    • Kirtland Air Force Base Building 1025
      • Order of Magnitude: $3.4 million
    • Cannon Air Force Base Fuels to Munitions
      Order of Magnitude: $2.4 million
    • Space Sensor Lab
      Order of Magnitude:$1.7 million
    • Mountain View Club Renovation
      Order of Magnitude: $560,000

indian health services logo
  • Indian Health Service
    • Santa Fe OPD Phase II
      Order of Magnitude: $1 million

united states postal service logo
  • United States Postal Service
    • Fort Worth Domicile
      Order of Magnitude: $2.8 million

US Forest Service Logo
  • USDA Forest Service
    • Magdalena Ranger Station
      Order of Magnitude: $5.2 million

cannon air force base logo
  • Cannon Air Force Base
    • Repair Munitions Substation
      Order of Magnitude: $1.4 million
    • Youth Annex Center
      Order of Magnitude:$5.1 million

air force evaluation center logo
  • Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
    • AFOTEC Headquarter Building
      Order of Magnitude: $3.2 million
    • Kirtland Air Force Base Renovation
      Order of Magnitude: $570,000

bureau of indian affairs logo
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • Zia Day School Roof Replacement
      Order of Magnitude:$552,000
    • Chip Seal Borrego Pass
      Order of Magnitude:$1.1 million

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Environmental Abatement Clientele:

  • City of Albuquerque
  • Goodman Realty Group
  • GSD Property Control Division
  • Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Los Alamos Public Schools
  • Moriarty Schools
  • Artesia Schools
  • State of New Mexico
  • Presbyterian Hospital
  • University of New Mexico
  • Las Vegas City Schools
  • St. Mary’s Schools
  • Aztec Municipal Schools