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Employees Safety HandBook
The knowledge and experience that GranCor provides are valuable assets to organizations and individuals faced with complex construction projects and potentially troubling environmental and remediation concerns.


Our company was founded on the following values:

  • Do the best you can
  • Do the right thing
  • Show people that you care
  • Have each other’s back
  • Be coachable

Each value is directly applicable to this project in terms of safety, integrity, trust, teamwork, and leadership. Our belief with any project is to use our values to guide our work and serve as our commitment to excellence on behalf of our clients. Like the foundation of a building, these values give our team structure and stability. We understand the competitive nature of our industry and believe it is our core values that help catapult success as part of our strategic management plan. GranCor Enterprises is much more than a general contractor, we are a myriad of solution-driven individuals working to take care of our customers and produce high-quality work with sustainable results.

If you’re interested in joining an exciting team of solution-driven individuals, please visit our Careers page.

Employee Handbook

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At GranCor, we provide training to workers with diverse skills that match each individual project. We provide a safe workplace that protects the client and the environment. It is not enough to just get the job done. Careful planning, efficient and thorough execution of work is needed with safety as the number one priority. We believe in a zero accident policy through proper training and gear to promote protection and increased awareness.

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