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What Does Green Building Mean?

Building Green in New Mexico Building green has become one of the most important elements for contractors to consider.  Building green is part of the larger sustainability movement that the public is increasingly demanding of their businesses, across all industries, as awareness of climate change and environmental degradation becomes more acute.  For the construction industry,…
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Standards for Demolition

Demolition Work: OSHA Standards  Due to the scale of the job, demolition work comes with a variety of workplace precautions.  Workers need to be aware of the many hazardous areas of a demo site that pose a serious danger, and, in some cases, are potentially fatal.  This includes damaged concrete structures that are unsafe to walk…
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Should Your Building be Demolished?

5 Signs Your Building Should Be Demolished Sometimes a property is not worth the cost of maintaining it. Whether a residential unit or a commercial property, it is important to know when to demolish a building that is full of expenses and only decreasing in value. The opportunity to build a new structure on the…
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